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Donated copies of 'PEPTALK' are distributed through schools, youth centres, women's refuges, mental health and addiction outreach centres, prisons, and GPs.


Transforming the future of mental health.

Our charitable foundation is focused on delivering our wellbeing resources to vulnerable Kiwis who may not otherwise be able to access them, with a focus on transforming the future of mental health in NZ by empowering kids & teens with the mental skills to build and nurture a healthy mind.

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are distributed to our charitable foundation to amplify our impact. 




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PEPTALK resources and events are created to benefit both adults and youth. Our charitable foundation's initiatives have a focus on (but are not limited to) empowering youth.

Print publication

Presents evidence-based wellbeing tools in a bitesized engaging format, making wellbeing accessible, and inspiring application.

Resource portal

Digital portal

 An online hub of wellbeing knowledge and strategies: articles, exercises, worksheets, challenges, expert interviews, video lessons.


Wellbeing knowledge and tools that reach audiences in profound and life-changing ways.

As well as our own initiatives, we collaborate with and support other impactful mental health charities and organisations, particularly those that have a focus on empowering young people. We believe that when organisations with similar goals come together, we can all achieve more for the greater good. 

What others think.

Here's how our resources are helping in the community.

Clinical Operations Manager RAW

Rebecca Skilton

“I have found this a great tool to use inside New Zealand’s Female Prisons.  The women have loved the content and there is something that resonates with each of them.  The interactive parts are useful as well as the well-known profiles which are used, the variety is awesome.   It’s great to see the youth being supported and this is being well received by our younger incarcerated Māori youth.  It is also a great resource for us to use for those that find literacy difficult with great topics discussed in a meaningful way rather than a lot of clinical content.  The simple effective takeaways are useful too.


The stories on individuals are a great way of refreshing messages we may know and prompt reflection around how we are currently placed and where we would to like to be.”

Educator Marian College

Megan Martin

“As an educator I was grappling with my work  promoting wellbeing and mental health as I felt there was a gap between knowledge and practice. It seems we are all aware and talking about mental health but we don't really know what to do about it. This beautiful publication 'PEPTALK' fills the gap and provides evidence based mental health skills, strategies and tools to help us 'help ourselves'. Contributions come from a diverse group of experts and practitioners with a shared emphasis on collaboration for the 'greater good'.  The attractive and user friendly design is innovative and inclusive meeting the needs of both young and old.


This is a much needed 'hands on' resource that will support our schools and communities in building our collective capacity to improve mental health.”

Manager Marlborough Youth Trust

Jo Lane

“We love every page of this publication - thank you Nadine and team - it’s awesome - it is saving lives with its knowledge. It is filled with fantastic wisdom and has been a really good resource to give our youth and they are enjoying their own learning about themselves through discussions in this publication - thank you for being brave and putting your strengths into solutions for New Zealanders education around their wellbeing.

Head of Guidance Christchurch Girls' High School

Julia Field

“I continue to be thrilled by your wonderful publication - it is such a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, useful and evidence-based information, all in an impressively professional and beautifully presented resource. I've encouraged every counsellor I know to subscribe for their school, staffroom, workplace - and their own wellbeing and self-care! Keep up the amazing work you're doing, it truly does make a difference and I hope you feel super proud of the seeds of hope and clarity you are planting with every issue.​”

Guidance Counsellor Riccarton High School

Lara Grocott

“I work as a counsellor in a secondary school and when our librarian showed me a copy of 'Peptalk', I was so impressed I immediately bought myself a subscription. I love that it cleverly has both youth and adult content in the one magazine. It has clear, evidence-based information and strategies that are understandable, useful and realistically achievable. All this in plain-speak and Kiwi content!  It provides a positive approach to wellbeing and, hugely importantly, makes it accessible to everyone.

I have already used the magazine successfully with students to encourage wellbeing. I can see much needed benefits for our staff as well  -  something they can utilise in their own lives and also share with their students.

I believe this would be an outstanding resource to help grow wellbeing in our classrooms - arguably the birthplace for creating the shift in mental health our society desperately needs.

A participant at He Haumaru  (RAW), following 4 prison sentences


“Thank you for giving me the Peptalk magazine.  It was so timely.  The Lisa Carrington article was fabulous and gave me specific help with some issues I was having. Such a positive outcome for me.


I also got heaps out of the hero article.  I am currently reintegrating back into my family's lives and this article gave me both insight and encouragement on how to move forward and head home in a positive way and as a hero myself.  


The interactive style of the magazine is cool and makes it readable and enjoyable for me as a person who doesn't usually enjoy reading.  I happily enjoyed this. Keep it up.”

The Peptalk Mental Wellbeing Foundation Board



The Peptalk Mental Wellbeing Foundation Board is a passionate group with a shared vision to transform the future of mental health in New Zealand. The members of our board have a diverse range of skills and experiences that they bring to help drive our vision forward.

Bottom to top : Caro Gatley, Emilija Nikolic (chairperson), Nicky Wagner (vice chairperson), Nadine Hickman, Lynne Hammond, Genevieve Molyneux (secretary), Beth Parsons (Treasurer).



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